Spinifex Recruiting is a progressive and leading recruitment company servicing City, Country and Coastal NSW. Known for our personalised approach to doing business, we provide a tailored and results-driven service with a can-do attitude.


Proud to be featured in the newsletter of the identity & branding consultancy Folk. We are approaching the 3rd year anniversary of the rebranding project, dubbed at the start ‘Searching for the Obvious’ – by this they meant they would look under every rock to find our true identity. Put simply, looking for who we were behind the brands. Folk were professional & enjoyable to deal with & got the result we needed.

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Managing Director - Scott Small

Chairman - Peter O'Donnell

Jane Heynes - Retired

Our longstanding connections with the organisations and communities we service stems from the shared values of our three founding recruitment businesses: Smalls Recruiting, GWS Personnel and JHA Recruitment.

These businesses supported our local communities for a combined 75 years, and this support is a core part of both our heritage and our ongoing success.

Unrivalled coverage

When it comes to attracting the best talent to our clients, our expansive network sets us apart. By working with Spinifex Recruiting, our clients benefit from our:

Introducing Spinifex Recruiting

News release 2 August 2016:

Introducing Spinifex Recruiting – The new name for the Spinifex Australia Group of Companies – Smalls Recruiting, GWS Personnel and JHA Recruitment.

I’d like to share some news about an exciting change in our business, one that I’m confident will strengthen our capabilities and enhance our ability to service you, our valued client.

In 2012, Australian recruitment businesses Smalls Recruiting, GWS Personnel & JHA Recruitment merged to create the Spinifex Group. As of 1 August 2016, the Spinifex Group will evolve into the new identity of Spinifex Recruiting, offering one consistent service across our unique geographical footprint.

Why did we join forces?

This partnership is a natural fit between three complementary businesses with outstanding people and shared values, and one that will allow us to further expand our services while still maintaining our personalised approach to doing business.

Each of the businesses has a strong heritage of respectful and lasting relationships with its clients. We are all committed to building deep connections with the organisations and communities we service, knowing that’s the best way to place the right people, in good time, for the best result. I know this because the Directors Peter O’Donnell, Jane Heynes and myself have worked together for a number of years. This is in itself a rare feat in our industry and it gives us great confidence because we know the relationship works.

Why is it better for you?

By continuing to work with us as Spinifex Recruiting, you will benefit from working with a larger organisation that has:

What won’t be changing?

You will continue to liaise with the same people you always have, including our longstanding team members that have a deep understanding of your business. We will still support the local communities we work in, because that’s a core part of our heritage and something we firmly believe is vital to our success. Most importantly, we will continue to offer high-calibre temporary workers when and where you need them. And we’ll still be great value. Thank you in advance for your continued support. We look forward to sharing the benefits of this exciting new chapter in our business with you.

If you have any questions, please contact your Spinifex Recruiting team member.


Scott C Small

Managing Director

Introducing Spinifex Recruiting